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Unity In Diversity: The Untold Story of HIV in Broward County

New opportunities in HIV/AIDS awareness and High Impact Prevention prompted the creation of this book:
Unity In Diversity… The Untold Story of HIV in Broward County. The approach used expressed the quintessence of where we have been and where we want to be. Since the beginning of the epidemic, HIV/AIDS has been synonomous with stigma, disparities, and a tremendous feeling of voicelessness. We knew we had to get “Back to Basics,” and turn to people who have been touched by the epidemic and who have struggled to bring about significant change in their lives and communities in Broward County. When we say communities in Broward County, we mean the extremely diverse communities that make up the 18th largest county in the United States. Broward County is also the destination for more than a million tourists each year and that number continues to grow.

“Untold Stories” is more than a documentation of voices, it is a call to action. Already new collaborations, partnerships and solutions have come from a course of pulling up our sleeves and finding ways together to be in the most effective and relevant. While there are many stories that have yet to be told, yet to be heard, we believe that this is among the first steps we need to take to achieve a generation free of AIDS.

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